Amatsu Shima Sim and LOTD for 03/14/2010

This morning I stopped at the beautiful Amatsu Shima Sim (Heavenly Island) and the
morning setting was so gorgeous I didn’t modify environment settings at all! This is an
amazing place to visit if your looking for some great Asian themed buildings blended
perfectly with the lovely natural settings.  There is such a wonderful variety of trees
and flowers surrounded by streams and wooden bridges.

They have a library in the middle of the sim with a board outside for subscribing to
their events and another one that tells you what’s coming up.  I have been to some of
the poetry readings and I can tell you that they are very welcoming to kid avies and the
poetry although some may be PG it was a great experience.

Ok now a little about my look of the day, I know it’s not fitting for an Asian sim but
what can I say it’s just what a chose to go exploring in this morning, besides I’m only
7 😛   I got this last night when I stopped in to see Chelsea’s new clothes she put out
this weekend and fell in love with the Gretchen colors and hair bows!  I mixed it with
some leggings, a bracelet and color change flats from Aura’s.

I noticed before I got around to posting this that I had poses that completely covered up the cute Ice Cream
Cone o.O  It says I Scream under the cone too 😀

Amatsu Shima SLURL

Model: Stasha Benelli
skin: JM:Mai Vivian Pure
hair: CriCri 2Wave05-D
skirt: Chelsea’s Childrens Clothes Gretchen Skirt
top: Chelsea’s Childrens Clothes Gretchen top
hair bows: Chelsea’s Childrens Clothes Gretchen Hair bow
Stockings: *Aura’s* Abbie Leggings
shoes: *Aura’s* Nymph Ballet Flat (color Changing)
doll: Hair bows stole her OMG!!! 😛
Bracelet: *Aura’s* Flowery Mallory Bracelet

Photographer: Stasha Benelli

~hugs Stasha~


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