Look of my Day !!

Look of the day

Buckle up those cute wooden shoes and let’s go for an adventure. First stop is for a cute little spring time dress, come on come on hurry we must be quick !! step into Chelsea Griggs’ shop CCC – Chelsea’s Children’s Clothes. She has put out some really adorable new spring outfits that is a must see for any child’s wardrobe. I have chosen to show you a delightfully colorful dress, I have just fell in love with.

blog 3 chelsea griggs_001

Ok !! let’s go its off to get shoes and hair. Slip into the shop of Hal*hina, here you will find many messy and just fun hair. I am wearing one of my very favorite wigs called [milk white] Hair -estelle-.

blog 3 chelsea griggs_002

*tuggs* Time for those cute wooden shoes to click along the hallway. SHHHHHH don’t tell mommy they are wooden hehehe. As you explore the shop of LIttleGirl Modern be sure to peek at the skins, hair, clothing and all those adorable little dolls!!! presently wearing LittleGirl Pets 003 – Doll (Type W) – Flower. My shoes are LittleGirl Cute 002 – Doll Shoes. Oh and I pulled a pair of warm LONG socks from my drawer called *ENCEMBLE* Long Socks*yellow(Thin) designed by *ENCEMBLE* PURE Little. Yayyy so we are ready for that little family picnic or what ever family gathering you may be heading to. !!!!
Go on and charm those family members, maybe they have a few cookies !!

got to love sl gravity

Willow Weimes

Chelsea Grigg’s shop CCC – Chelsea’s Children’s Clothes
Audrey Dress

= Hal*Hina =
[milk white] Hair -estelle- also ((JUNWAVE))VolumetwinHair*GOLD*[ Side ]

LittleGirl Modern
LittleGirl Pets 003 – Doll (Type W) – Flower LittleGirl Cute 002 – Doll Shoes

*ENCEMBLE* Long Socks*yellow(Thin) designed by *ENCEMBLE* PURE Little


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