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blog 4 circus_003

Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

Circus! OMG what Fun !

*Bounces* I wonder if there is Lions, bears, and Tigers! A Big tent full of wonderous fun and excitement ! There has to be great amounts of trou… umm .. excitement for a lil girl. Well first, we better get dressed! On these dark sidewalks of this aged and worn circus, full off rustling steps and excitement, this outfit will fit in with the crowd. The short fluffy skirt bounces with each step, dark lace nestled under the skirt adds to the bounce. The full flow of the top also lined with lace bounces simultaneously with the skirt giving you an innocent look any young girl deserves. long striped stockings gives an accent to the heart pattern of the over all outfit giving extra added detail. Tie up those shoes and pull up that hair stick a bow in and let’s get off to the big top.

blog 4 circus_001

Hair: =TEKUTEKU=Patty(pink) by momo Foulon
Skin: JM:Mai skin_devonz black smoky v2 by JOMAN Mai
Lashes: :CANDY: Eyelashes “Soft” by Loren Pfeffer
Stockings: Carrie (Stockings) by Risa Dubrovna
Bracelets: :CANDY: Color Change Silver
Bracelets by Loren Pfeffer
Nails: Maxi3_Nail_Black_V3 by komaxi Jun
Outfit : !AB *CuTIE* by Brook Melnik, American Beagle Outfitters Also BringIt choker
SHoes: *BB* SolStars Starllys by Babydoll Stardust


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