Color Tips

Ok so I wanted to learn about coloring themes and characteristics. I’ve done some researching and these are some of the things I  have come up with . I would like to share the things I have learned with everyone:)

Stronger colors have effects on the attitude that you send to others.
Red and orange can make other colors seem dull or unimportant,  it can also give your friends or Co-works the feeling of anger or warning.
Using another color in small moderations can make a solid color stand out
When wearing Light colors you appear as if you are moving toward the person, while when you wear dark colors you seem to fade in to the background.
The color of your hair may also play a significant role in the appearance of your clothing.

Your skin can also be a main factor to the color’s you wear. The best way to determine your good colors is to have a friend be open and assist with you trying on different colors. Keep in mind as well that there is season color rules as well. 🙂 yea it’s never easy for us girls *sighs*


Color guidelines according to seasons

Summer Think clear, contrast and bold colors.
Fall Think soft, cool, slightly grayed colors.
Spring Think bright, fresh and lively colors.
Winter Think deep, dark and muted colors.

~*~*~List of popular colors and how our emotions respond~*~*~

Severe, mysterious, sophisticated, glum, depressing, deadly
Serene, calming, cool, quiet, sleepy, sad
Warm, earthy, drab
Well-informed, subtle, dignified, gloomy, cold
Fresh, successful, loving, greedy, restful, calm.
(ie. pink) Wild, sensual, daring, flashy, vulgar
Happy, cheerful, new, motivated, garish, warm.
Soft, innocent, delicate, feminine, delicious
Alert, warning, sexual, aggressive, energetic, cheerful, angry, vital, exciting
Royal, rich, stately, passionate, subtle but sexy, impressive, alone
Clean, pure, young, safe, simple
Sunny, bright, hopeful, optimistic, joyful, clear, positive, alive

I think that is all I have for the moment, sure hope that it might help everyone. It’s Thursday and I’m off to enjoy the rest of my night resting with my bunnies.


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