BabyDolly’s Maddie Outfit for Spring

Dolly Maddie Outfit Spring, originally uploaded by Stasha Benelli.

Hi again lil fashionistas!

It’s Saturday and I was out shopping this morning, surprise right? I was trying to figure out what I was going to blog today; it’s not like I don’t’ have 25 things in my inventory already that I should blog first. But it was all solved when I read Babydolls Notecard on her sping release. I went to the store right away and absolutely fell in love with the Maddie Jean Short and jumper top outfit and before I could make it out the door I found the Dollystocks sandal which go perfectly with the hemp jewelery that was also included in the set! The sandals come with two huds, one to change texture and the other one allows you to change the colors of the straps! The Choker wasn’t included in the set but I knew she must have one to match 😛 and when I asked her she passed me the set which you can get separately and it included the necklace along with the anklet and bracelets.

This second shot of the back was to show the cute lil pockets on the shorts and the adorable bows on the jewelery!

Finally a little fashion or photography tippy! I took this picture with the same pose as the first photo in the blog but I want to discuss the difference. Those of you that take lots of pictures and use poses in stands or even just the ones built into your AO know how frustrating it can be when your hand falls into your body, hair or just some other awkward location when taking pictures. If you didn’t make the pose yourself then you are just out of luck, gotta find a different pose right? Well I got the perfect solution for you and its called Avimote. With this in-world hud you can adjust any part of a pose, even if you didn’t make it. Notice in this photo there are at least 3 areas that you would be fixing. The Right arm is tucked in too close to the body, Left arm is completely hidden (want to show the bracelet!) and teh left piggy tail is hidden in my shoulder.   There are some really cool updates coming soon too, where you can make your own poses in world.  Here’s the link to Avimote!

Weblink too –

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m thinking seriously about breaking out my favorite swimmy suit and doing a beach shot. I’m sooooo anxious for summer weather 😀

Model: Stasha Benelli
skin: JM:Mai Vivian Pure
hair: CriCri-Bon06-D
Top: BabyDolls Boutique – Maddie jumper top
Shorts: BabyDolls Boutique – Maddie denim shorts
shoes: BabyDolls Boutiqui – Dollystocks sandal
Leggings: was too warm today 😛
Bracelet, Necklace and Anklet: BabyDollsy Boutique – Hemp Jewelery Set

Photographer: Stasha Benelli
Front Pose: IZUMIYA
Back Pose: by Kru Flan

~hugs Stasha~


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