[BabyCouture] Sofie by Kylei Benoir

Since Spring has Sprung and the bunny has come. It’s time to start introducing some cute spring dresses. I’ve chosen a cute little pink and yellow dress to show everyone. Kylei Benior made this fantastic outfit ! It’s absolutely adorable with all its character. The color mix is just absolutely gorgeous and eye flattering. While you dance and skip around in those cute green flats, Included with the outfit, the flexi skirt floats and bounces happily.

[BabyCouture] Sofie  by Kylei Benoir002

This dress can be worn for family outings, or maybe even a short skip through time … hehe J/k I knows dere noo such thing but hey !!! This is Sl. Were we can stay young for ever!! well back to the dress It can be used for many occasions including church and even festivals as well. *winks* wear it to your grandmas.
[BabyCouture] Sofie  by Kylei Benoir004

She couldn’t resist such cuteness. My wild hair is also a fun way to make the dress even more festive. One of my favorite hair designers W&Y makes some really awesome hair. Check out Lacie cakes too as well she makes amazing jewelry for children !!! Well I’m off to jump in that time rocke…. ermm….. I mean settle down at home and visit with my bunnies and sisser ! Have a great night everyone ! Happy shopping !

hair: W&Y MODEL HAIR 14 “Delete”C By: yukitan Farrjones

Outfit: [BabyCouture] Sofie by Kylei Benoir

Nails: Maxi3_Nail_Pink_V3 By: komaxi Jun

Necklace and anklets: *LC* E Kids – Luck Multi-Layer Necklace and *LC* E (KIDS) – Innocence Anklet By: Lacie Chambers

Bracelets: *BB* Color Change jelly bracelets

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By JOMAN Mai

Neko Tail and ears .:Kitsie:. Silverlite


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