Flapper a beautiful dress and a lil history :)

flapper destiny_001

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I am a sucker for historical designs I love the vintage style clothing. Last night my sister took me to candii Destiny’s store, and what did I find ! Well sister gets the credit cause she showed it to me. So I got to thinking I wonder what the world had to say about flappers. I would love to share a little of what I have found out and wow there are lots I didn’t know ! There are things in our world that I learn each day about fashion and somethings can really be impressive !!!

As World War I came in and took away the young girls shoulders, leaving them with few appropriate suitors. The loss of so many young men only caused the young women of the 20’s to sit and waste their lives as they waited for the proper suitor. The young ladies decided that sitting Idly would do them no good. So they broke free !

flapper destiny_002

The “Younger Generation” was breaking away from the old set of values

In the 1920’s Young girls described as young women awkward in movement and still yet to reach womanhood. A fledgling vainly attempting to fly while its wings have only pin feathers.

The flappers clothing was drastic and made shocking changes to the prestige clothing that women wore. Flappers ditched their corsets and went for more boyish dress, cut their hair short, and wore stockings. The fabrics and styles trimmed down and lightened to allow for quick movements for the new Jazz Age.

flapper destiny_003

I believe candii set up a very beautiful and intriguing flapper dress. I absolutely love the sparkling textures and rich colors in her new flapper outfit. the top hat sits on the head giving it an attitude of its own. The flexi prims float and move with any great dance. This dress is definitely a most have for any little girl to use for fun or even for a history assignment :P. The outfit comes with really cute ballet style shoes. A short crop jacket inlayed into the design also creates a really beautiful added personality to the outfit.

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By JOMAN Mai
Outfit and shoes-[C*K] Flapper By: candii Destiny
Hair: W&Y AGATA Model 02 “Type” A By: yukitan Farrjones
Lashes: :CANDY: Eyelashes “Soft” by Loren Pfeffer
Eye’s: *NT*_eyez_28 by : Magdalena Bergamasco


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