Ceeara by Design Lil Miss Dress!!

OMG its the Weekend!!

I just love shopping on Saturdays mornings, its so quiet and everyone is still sleeping from dancing and playing with their friends on Friday nights. Well today I was wondering around Ceeara by Design and this dress caught my eye. I’m not sure what inspires you to buy an outfit, but once something catches my eye I usually make a mental note and keep wondering around looking to see what else I might like better. Well in most cases its not about what I’ll like better but I kinda get a vision of me wearing it and once that happens I’m doomed, cause even if I leave without getting it I’ll most certainly be back. Thats what happened in this case, the vintage style and texture on the skirt just caught my imagination and if there is any dress I’ve ever purchased that has lil fashionista written all over it this is definitely one of them. Just look at the gorgeous bow on the back, what lil girl can say no to great bows!

Now my vision usually also includes hair and accessories that I never have in my inventory. Yeah I know more shopping right 😀 This time I already had the shoes from the Little Girl Shop. Now I’ve worn different styles of their shoes in some of my posts but I don’t think I’ve ever talked much about them. These shoes have cute lil wooden bunny charms hanging from them and when you click on the shoe it plays a sound of a lil Korean girl saying something. I don’t speak Korean but it sounds adorable lol. Oh by the way this dress does come with its own shoes and cute frilly socks, but as you know I like to make my photo shoots a challenge and don’t always use everything in the box 😛 If you visit their shop don’t forget they have the most adorable fairies that you can attach to your body, head or arms.

Ok now a quick note on the hair and necklace before I let you get back to your own shopping journey. I stopped at W&Y and didn’t really have to work that hard because I found this adorable hair in the new styles at the front of the store. It works so well with the hat that comes with the outfit and it also comes with its own bow that you can change the color by clicking and selecting the color on a menu. The necklace is from Got Moxie and it makes a perfect addition. I kinda cheated on this one because I already had this adorable necklace in my inventory, probably won’t be the last time you see this in one of my posts 😉 Ok thats all for now, I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Model: Stasha Benelli
skin: JM:Mai – Vivian Pure by JOMAN Mai
hair: W&Y- HAIR New132 ” Type” A
Dress: Ceeara by Design – Lil Miss Dress by Ceeara Dreamscape
shoes: LittleGirl – Cute 002 – Doll Shoes by Beaumont Ryba
Necklace: Got Moxie – Love Bead Necklace Black by Karma Moxie
Purse: Tres Blah – Ruffle Purse (black) by Julliette Westerburg
Nails: [ Love Soul ] Nail*Apple2* by BlueStarRUI Villota
Lashes: Candy Kids store – eyelashes “soft” by Loren Pfeffer
Eyes: *YourSkin & YourShape* – EyeReal BrownNut Noshadow by Monicuzza Babenco

Photographer: Stasha Benelli

~hugs Stasha~


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