Red Dolly dress

red paino_001

Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

*bounces and waves* Hello everyone this is Willow *beams* see its me yeap, yeap, all me …. and well the shops, all the fabulously stuffed shops of wonderfully designed clothes. I’ve been out exploring looking for a challenge and I found this rather interesting dress sorta a vintage mix. The store is made for adult clothing but with the right tailoring you can make it down for a child.

red paino_002

It has intricate sewn lace along the neck arms and chest flowing down the front like a delicate waterfall the lace continues down under the skirt leaving the skirt with a full flow as you bounce around and frolic. small delicate ribbons set with in the lace along the neck and arms flow gently against the lace. Warm thin velvet red fabric adorned at the shoulders stretching out over the body wrapping it in a soft wrap of perfectly stitched seams. The arms complete the style with their puffs and ruffles, with that delicate lace. This Outfit is perfect for any dance/jazz get away. definitely will attract the attention of your friends. It comes with those cute long socks as well, Just look how precious those are ! They bring the outfit to a stunning wrap.

red paino_003

I found some really adorable red jelly shoes that just goes great with this dress, the shoes was made by Alice Demonia. Hehe and the cute lil cherries well that was my precious sisters creation, but they do make the picture precious! Also I found some really cute eyes at YS&YS. My hair is an old-time favorite of my from 69.

red dolly dress 4

Dress: BP*Dolly Dress By: BettiePage Voyager
Shoes: :Luschious: Cuties July Janes By: Alice Demonia
Hair: ::69:: miracle By: Kumii Yoshikawa
Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By JOMAN Mai
Lashes: :CANDY: Eyelashes “Soft” by Loren Pfeffer
eyes: *YS&YS* – Sweet_Eyes Indaco NoShadow By: Monicuzza Babenco
Mouthie: Cherry by Sister Stasha Benelli


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