catz bratz Is Hawt !

catz bratz_004

Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

Hey all you little Neko’s out there, Oh and anyone else looking for something HAWT and sassy. Catz Bratz has some really awesome outfits for that perfect attitude, when you just want to be cool and sassy. Catz Brats has many designs from short outfits, pants, and dresses. They also carry adorable cuddly objects such as Elf. They tails have a large variety of creative objects built on them. The store also includes paws and claws for kids. really it is a really cool store it is a must see for any neko/grunge/emo designs for kids.

catz bratz_002

The dress I have chosen to display is a cute short babydoll style dress, black with adorable tiny little white flowers printed along the fabric. This skirt is flexi and free flows with each movement! The large bow in the back is made with a shiny fabric that make a statement to the over all of the dress. This outfit is completed with the cool black net leggings. I wrapped up this outfit with a pair of beautiful boots from Babydoll absolutely a perfect match !!!!

catz bratz_003

This outfit can be perfect for meeting your friends for a lunch out or maybe even for a night out with the family for dinner!!!! Even perfect for impressing … Who knows when ya might need a little extra impressing…… HEHEHE

catz bratz_001

The jewelry I have chosen is from lacie Cake what gorgeously intricate necklace and bracelets I absolutely love Laciecakes jewelry. These sun glasses will definitely make them take a second glance, the curiosity of what your eyes are saying under their protection. I took a trip to Cricri and omg I absolutely found the perfect hair !! Just look at that cute little loops on the top of my head !

Boots: Ella boot- black licorice By: Babydoll Stardust

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: Joman Mai

Hair: CriCri-Bon09-D By: Aska Watler

Jewlery: *CC* by LacieCakes – Candii By: Lacie Chambers

Outfit: JoJo By: Catz Ninetails

Tail and Ears: .:Kitsie:. Silverlite By: Kittenz Fairey

Icepop! – diva Shades By: Kaylee Farrasco


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