Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning ccc_001

Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

*wiggles her ears and stretches twisting in her bed*

Good morning *yawns scratching her ear a little moving sleepily*

Sooooo lets see it’s time to work. *Grabbing her paper, hot chocolate and the spoon, scoops the spoon full of cream putting it to her mouth* *sets her spoon on the tip of her nose and giggles making fishy faces* Ok back to work lets see, my sister and I was out shopping! Of course what else is there right ! Shop, Shop, Shop! She just wears me out with all of it. We was running around CCC Chelsea Griggs store and I saw this most adorable PJ’s on her wall. I looked them over and took a second glance to be sure of what I saw. Guess what happened, Yeap you got it I looked right past those and found these incredible ones.

Tuesday morning ccc_002

Just look at this bunny it’s perfectly set along the flexi babydoll top. The top is solid pink and has sweet short sleeves perfectly comfy for sleeping ! The bunny itself is amazingly cute !!! The satin little bow is sewn into the collar so no accidental tugging from any sisters will make it come off. Being a good sister and all I snatched them right up… can’t have my sister spending all her money, I think of it as sorta a therapy lesson, So anyways I got home and slipped the pants on. Ooooh  how soft and incredibly cute they are.

Tuesday morning ccc_005

There are two little bunnies right on the rear of these pink polka dotted PJ bottoms, and one large one on the left thigh. It comes complete with the soft and cuddly slippers displayed in these blog. *looks around trying to find her cup and spoon she snatches her spoon of her nose and blushes* wow work can really be embarrassing * stretches her ears flicking them back and forth * OHHH my thats were my cocoa went!

Tuesday morning ccc_003

I would like to give a huge thank you to all of you who have spent some time to give our blog the attention it deserves and a huge hug to my sister who got us rolling. With out her it wouldn’t be the same. Hugs to you all and hope each one of you have a great day !

Willow Weimes

Outfit: CCC Symphony Pjs By: Chelsea Griggs

Hair: ((JUNWAVE))Luca*GOLD* By: LGM Jun

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: Joman Mai

Tail and Ears: .:Kitsie:. Silverlite By: Kittenz Fairey

eyes: *YS&YS* – Sweet_Eyes Indaco NoShadow By: Monicuzza Babenco

Accessories: [RI] Hot Cocoa By: Jayme Lorakeet


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