Razzberry Inc Inspired LOTD

05012010 Front 1, originally uploaded by Stasha Benelli.

Happy Sunday Lil Fashionistas!

Today’s outfit was inspired by the cute plaid tutu and pink panda tshirt that I got from RazzBerry Inc. I think I’ve already told you that most of my post begin by me finding some cute article of clothing or accessory and I’m on a long shopping adventure to put a look together. I was taught early on for modeling that a good rule of thumb for accessories was to remove one after you put them all on, but today I gonna put on one more 😛 Points to the cute lil Panda on my shoulder. Well he was sooo cute and it matched my panda tshirt!

Another accessory I added to this were the headphones from Sweet Bunny & Sweet Girls. Yep, goes with the panda tshirt too 😛 look he has headphones on! I didn’t actually find the headphones in the store but they are available on XStreet if you search the designer Kianta Silverfall. These are color change by speaking the color you want into chat, the white part stays white but the pink part can change to 10 colors.

Ok this is a close up of the cute lil shoulder panda. OMG yes, he does have a frying pan with an egg in it and a tiny chefs hat. I’m kinda thinking this panda can cook.

The Lil Chucks from Candy Kids store I think were a perfect addition to this punky outfit, some of the textures that you can select from the hud were just grungy enough to work here but cute enough to wear with some of your adorable spring and summer short outfits. Besides who can resist a great shoe with adorable charms hanging from the laces right! Don’t forget to check out the cute ruffled cuff of these adorable black Love Soul leggings with the stars.

I had to throw this picture in of me getting distracted from blogging and rocking out for a bit, ok so Fireflies by owl City might not be exactly rocking out but my headphones are pink for goodness sake.

And I can’t let you get away without showing you this backpack. Just look at the cute details! Plaid texture on front face, lil buttons, a teddy bear, pen and notepad. But I think one of my favorite details is the little blue strap hanging off the pouch. I know, I’m a dork but I just love little touches of realism in SL Designers work! Well that’s it for now, but I have a cute post coming up soon maybe later today for the boys, so tell all the lil fashionable guys in your life to be on the lookout!

Model: Stasha Benelli
skin: :GP: Classic-Pure by Gala Phoenix
hair: =TEKUTEKU= asymmetry(darkbrown)
Top: RazzBerry Inc. [RI] Ipod Panda Tee by Jayme Lorakeet
Tutu: RazzBerry Inc. Plaid Pink Tutu by Jayme Lorakeet
Leggings: Love Soul – Leggings*Star*Black by BlueStarRUI Villota
Headphones: Sweet Bunny & Sweet Girls – Headphone V.2.0.1 (CHIN) by Kianta Silverfall
Shoulder Bear: [LANEVO]Panda-Inu chef by lantern Oyen
Backpack: ~Francinati0n~ BackPack Kidz Female Resizeable by Frances Benelli
Shoes: :CANDY Kids store – Lil Chucks w/Multi Charms by Loren Pfeffer
Lashes: Candy Kids store – eyelashes “soft” by Loren Pfeffer
Eyes: *YourSkin & YourShape* – EyeReal Frozen Blue Noshadow by Monicuzza Babenco

Photographer: Stasha Benelli

~hugs Stasha~


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