Larnia kids Funky love

rory neko_003

Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

So Hey!!! My sister and I we was out exploring and stopped by to visit Rory and Heath “Larnia kids”.They have some really cool new items and the colors are just so fun! They have some really pretty sundresses, cute little shoes and omg… they has this one …. well ok several outfits for the adorable little nekos out there. The one summer outfit I just had to have funky love out. *giggles* Isn’t that just the cutest name too ! well we spent some time at their new store. Did you all know they moved and it is just a cute little store, it’s definitely a place to go and peek. *whispers* and Heath says she has done wonderful with the build … *smiles* I think he was being under descriptive in my opinion.
So back to my topic, I do tend to get distracted some, the dark T-shirt has the coolest tint of purple with explosive colors spelling out LOVE across the front. It’s Skort is fitted tight with a prim to complete the illusion of a mini skirt. the textures on this outfit is just OHHH so very fun !! I absolutely love how fun and playful it is for the whole neko role. the leg warmers and arm bands are created from sculpties, the wrapping bands around the leg warmers and arm bands glow ! *smirks giggling as she swishes her tail and twirls* with the right talent you might even be able to swat the cute little stars and hearts and make them swivel around the bands.

rory neko_002

Ok so don’t forget Larnia kids has shoes, lots of shoes and they are just too Kewlies.

They has them in many colors and hehe as you see mine is multi colored. These shoes just goes extremely well with the hole “Multi bright and fun shimmering and very distracting to the neko’s eyes” ensemble. *watches the stars bounces around her legs twitching her ears and purrs* ok ok wait were was I !!!

rory neko_001

Oh yea hair the crazy and just down right adorable hair I chose to style is from Tukinowaguma. There is some really fantastic hair there and it’s really fun to see the years as they grow. The designer labels her hair in years and it’s impressing to see all the styles as they have changed !!.
well that’s all I have at the moment * gets distracted by the flow of the cute little shapes on her arm bands* alright so I’ll let you guys get back to shopping 😛 Huggies sure hope everyone is enjoying their week !!

*smacks her forehead* OMG I almost forgot there is a most adorable glowing necklace, kinds like those you get at fairs,  that comes with this outfit it’s absolutely precious.

Willow Weimes

Outfit: funky love By: Rory Larnia

Shoes: Khuckers Super Rainbow lo-top By: Heath Pevensey

Hair: Tukinowaguma Levigatore Ash By: KateForster Akina

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: Joman Mai

Tail and Ears: .:Kitsie:. Silverlite By: Kittenz Fairey

eyes: *YS&YS* – Sweet_Eyes Indaco NoShadow By: Monicuzza Babenco


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