When the cat’s away the kitten will play.

*giggles as she steps through her aunties closet, jutting right and left trying to divert all the mounds of her shoes and the clothes, that really I am not sure how all those clothes got knocked to the floor. Tugs at the hat and the dress as she shifts to settle in front of the mirror*

Ok so here I am its noon and my aunty well I’m not sure were she has gotten off to, but I thought since she was gone, I would help her pick out her outfit for tomorrow. You all know it is so hard to be a gown up I figures well I cans be good for one day. *pushes the closet door really hard to close it so that no one can see the mess that has become of the closet*

When the cat's away the kitten will play.

So you see I have found this rather adorable black dress and straw hat ! Ohhh and look wow!!! see these gorgeous gloves. These cute little gloves come with ruffle fabric at the tops tighten with cute little blue ribbons. I dug around and found those sweet pearls aunty is always saying, ” Now Willow leave those be they aren’t toys, those are very delicate things” Its always followed with her softly taking them from me and setting them way up high. Well with such a cute outfit I figured I could always compromise and I got a chair … mhmm one those sturdy ones so I not fall off ! So, with the pearls in place I just had to have something sparkly so I grabbed her diamond ring it was up there with that necklace …. wow you should have seen all the stuff that WAS up there…… *nods and looks back at the closet door with a frown that quickly turned to a grin*. The pumps are dark red and they really just look absolutely adorable on me. I really wished i had thought of them when i was climbing up there I could have got a few more things down!!!

When the cat's away the kitten will play.

Well now we should grab some of that make up over there. I just know aunty loves that sorta stuff. *gets her blush brush slips it between my lips and starts digging as I chew on the end of the blush brush noticing that the tips of the white gloves are getting smudges of make up on them*

AHHH haaaa there it’s some bright red lip stick and some pretty brown shadow ! see the cute little clutch we’ll just toss those in that and it will be complete !! and maybe a eyeliner.

Yayyyy won’t my aunty be so surprise at all the wonderful work I have done for her now she won’t even have to take time tmo to get her clothes out !!!
Huggies readers and thank you for helping me pick something out for my aunty !!

Outfit: -G[b]R- Momma’s By: Cindy Lu Designer of “Giggle[box]”

Comes with Dress, Gloves, Clutch, Diamond Ring, Hat, Pumps, Makeup Mouthie,and Pearl Necklace

Hair: * 0 Style *Justine*(Golden Wheat) By: Rei Gully
Also : >TRUTH< Joanna – barley By: Truth Hawks

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: Joman Mai
Tail and Ears: .:Kitsie:. Silverlite By: Kittenz Fairey
eyes: *YS&YS* – Sweet_Eyes Indaco NoShadow By: Monicuzza Babenco


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