Babydoll’s Hydrangea in Purple

BB 05092010 front, originally uploaded by Stasha Benelli.

Good Morning Lil Fashionistas!

Yesterday I was out shopping for an outfit to blog and I was on my way to putting together a nice outfit from multiple designers when my trip got hi-jacked. Yes hi-jacked by a note card from Babydoll’s Boutique, I thought what the heck I’ll just go take a look. Right… πŸ˜› I looked over all Dolly’s newest releases and when I came across the Hydrangea with its lovely long flowing skirt and the way the loose fitting top lays perfectly over the skirt, it was just screaming bohemian inspiration and I couldn’t resist. Oh and look who intruded on my shot, my chocolate bunnehs lol. Since they decided to hop into my scene I figured I make them sit still and let them have their moment of glory.

Now before anyone complains and says “Stasha, you didn’t let your sculpty prim nails rezz”; I figured I better take a close up of the finger tips. Look they are rezzed and yes it’s marshmallows, I stuck each finger in a marshmallow and I’m gonna eat them one by one (the marshmallows not my fingers). πŸ˜€ I actually found these at iTutu and you’ll find them for free on the counter with all the other cool food stuff. I want to give a shout out here to a new friend Olive Pink, who I met while shopping I have to thank her for the link to the marshmallows!

Also, while I was wondering around iTutu I also came across these great leggings that I thought would look perfect peeking out just below the skirt line. I also captured a shot of the great Dollystock sandals that I picked for this outfit. I love how versatile they are for spring and summer since you can pick absolutely any color for the straps!

One more quick shot of the back of the outfit, cause it has a cute string attachment that ties perfectly at the top of the neck. I just love the way the strings feel brushing softly against my back while I’m running around the meadow outside our gypsy camp.

Well that’s it for today but one more shout out. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mommies out there, both SL and RL!!!

Model: Stasha Benelli
skin: JM:Mai skin_vivian[w] bubble by JOMAN Mai
hair: =TEKUTEKU= Irregular(darkbrown) by momo Foulon
Dress: *BB* Hydrangea in purple by Babydoll Stardust
Bracelets: *BB* Metal bangles and Hydrangea bracelets by Babydoll Stardust
Anklet: *BB* Bell Anklet by Babydoll Stardust
Finger Tips: (iTuTu)marshmallow for fingers by aya Huldschinsky
Leggings: [yumyum] Race leggings….. pale rose by toraji Voom
Shoes: *BB* Dollystocks sandal by Babydoll Stardust

Photographer: Stasha Benelli

~hugs Stasha~


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