We not in Kansas any more todo…..


Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

Ok so I didn’t go whirling off in a tornado or anything super excitingly fun like that. But I did travel to a place called Magic of Oz. They have some really amazing builds there and some fun exciting ideas. I got to sail a pirate boat, well till that BIG Rock jumped out and hit the side of the boat. I didn’t do it though it really was the rock it just moved out there in that small canal and stopped us in our tracks!!!!


I got all dressed up in the adorable pants and sun top. the top has straps with tiny bows attached to each of them the floral print and coloring is warm and inviting for lots of hugs. Comes complete with a sculpty top that has a ribbon for tightening it around the hips. The jeans are sturdy and comfortable stretch material made into Capri’s, sculpty prims attach to the legs to give it an extra add cuteness with ruffles. this ensemble comes with adorable bangles that match so perfect!


So I went out in my new outfit, by the way it is called Willow, how extraordinarily adorable right ! Anything with that name is just adorably sweet and smart and …. ok ok so I’m rambling again! Lets see I went out flip-flopping in these cute new flip flops from Aura’s. I followed the road that was all laid with yellow bricks. How odd huh… it reminds me of Wizard of Oz. The tin man was there too. I got distracted when I noticed these flying monkeys. I swear it must have been after my freshly styled hair!!! I swatted and swatted but it just wouldn’t go away so I ran !!! By the way don’t go climbing rocky hill sides in flip flops when there is strange flying monkeys around.


THey swooped right in and grabbed me up !!!! OH my were was the lions, tigers, and bears !!! Any one of them could have threw me a line or something! I mean gosh here i was getting all captured up by these stinky monkeys. So I took out them marshmallows I snagged from sister the other day and convinced that monkey to put me down…*rubs my left thigh were he threw me on the ground * gee you know you’d think they would have been nice but nooooo they took all my marshmallows !!!! SO, I turned the stars on my flip flops ruby-red and *click click click* I was back home safe and sounds and alot less stinky !!!!!

Outfit and jewlery: *BB* Willow By: Babydoll Stardust
Shoes: *Aura’s* Platform Flops with Hearts & Stars By: Aura Milev
Hair: >TRUTH< Joanna – barley By: Truth Hawks
Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: Joman Mai
Tail and Ears: .:Kitsie:. Silverlite By: Kittenz Fairey
eyes: *YS&YS* – Sweet_Eyes Indaco NoShadow By: Monicuzza Babenco


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