LOTD May 20 2010

LOTD May 20 2010, originally uploaded by Stasha Benelli.

Happy Thursday Lil Fashionistas!

Today while shopping for something to blog about I decided to go to U.F.O. Once I got in the store I found several blog worthy items and I got them all! But for today I blogging about this amazing lacy dress with a great poofy skirt. It comes with several different layers for the top because the cardigan and cami come with the outfit too. I love that it has the cami option, because without it the dress would cut a lil low for a kid 😛 When I was finished in their and when I say finished my pocket book was quite a bit lighter, not because of the prices but how many things filled my bag 😀

The next store I stopped at was Tee*fy and what an amazing selection of stockings did I find in there. God I love stockings, leggings and tights, but you already know that. Once I saw the Blossom Sunny stockings that I picked for this outfit I knew I had the perfect match without even a second thought. The flats also came from Tee*fy and come in many adorable colors. I’ll definitely stop back there again because I have my eye on quite a few items that you’ll see in some upcoming posts.

Once I had the outfit picked out I was looking for hair that would be able to compete with the style I selected. I decided to try Tiny bird and they didn’t let me down; they rarely do. I walked into the store and the Soon Enough style caught my attention right away. I tried it on and whats awesome about tiny bird is that you can re-size the demos with the built in script. No moving back n forth and up n down just to kinda imagine what it would look like if it fit. Once I had it sized I was in love with the built in glasses. The glasses were made by Reek and they had the color/texture change hud available for some aditional money but the red glasses were already a perfect match. I might have to go back and get the hud for some future posts 😉

The final piece I wanted to show was the clam-shell necklace from Beetlebones, haha what an awesome name for a store not an easy name to forget and you’ll be happy that you can’t once you make a visit. OOoh scroll back up and take a look at the purse made by NONKO, its an amazing bag and it comes in several colors. It’s something that you’ll definitely be able to build an outfit around!

I almost forgot about this cute skin I found at Imagen! They have several styles and shades. I got this one even though its darker than what I would normally where but it also has the cutest freckles and it worked well to contrast the lighter outfit I was wearing.

Well that’s all for today. I’ve got an another adorable outfit all picked out ready to go. I’m traveling for a couple days so it might be Sunday before I can do another post, but I promise this one you won’t want to miss either.

Model: Stasha Benelli
skin: Imagen – (IS) Irene 2.0 – Este – Natural
hair: Tiny Bird & Reek – Soon Enough – Brown (glasses from Reek attached to hair) by Autumn Hykova
Necklace: Beetlebones – **Clamshell necklace in pearl and bronze by suetabulous Yootz
Dress: ::{u.f.o}:: – kate red by Aisyla Aldrin
Stockings: Tee*fy – blossom Sunny by Azure Electricteeth
Purse: +++NONKO – kinchyaku bag by nonko Noel
Shoes: Tee*fy – Ladybugy Flats by Azure Electricteeth
Lashes: Candy Kids store – eyelashes “soft” by Loren Pfeffer
Eyes: *YourSkin & YourShape* – EyeReal BrownNut Noshadow by Monicuzza Babenco

Photographer: Stasha Benelli
Poses: IZUMIYA (right and Left images) and AnA by Abiru Mosely (center image)

~hugs Stasha~


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