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*twirls and dances around with a soft giggles*

Prom one of those special nights every girl waits impatiently for. Well yes of course! I have a story to tell. When the time came and it was whats that favorite phrase of mine ! SHOPPING TIME !!!! YESSSSSSSSSSs ok well there is two special things in every girls life. Shopping and dressing up as a princess ! What’s a better time to dress up then PROM. I don’t know about the rest of you but I really enjoy all the big puffy ball gowns and how they make you feel beautiful and special. It’s the special things that happens in your child hood life that is just very emotional.

So, ok off to my story. I went shopping and I shopped, and shopped, and shopped extra hard. I mean, you just can’t come up with that perfect princess look with out the pain of going to every store once, twice, and sometimes even three times. I even did a little Inventory shopping and I found some really pretty shoes stuffed in the back of my closet, can you believe they still had their price tag on them, I figured it was time I put them to use ! These bright red shoes are simple flats but there is so much detail with the straps and designs. These could possibly had been Dorothy’s shoes from OZ!!

I was out wandering and I had an idea !!! Yes I can get those sometimes … *looks at her sister and crinkles her nose* I thought wow ! these shoes needs something to really make them stand out. Looking high and low I found this really incredible mask from Illusions. The mask was just perfect for the shoes!!! Really you should look very close at all the detail put into the mask. The designer must have spent a lot of tiring hours making the mask just absolutely gorgeous. hehe….. I think I kinda did the shopping thing backwards this time.

Illusions mask

Well I had been looking all over for the perfect gown…. nothing came to me so I had these accessories……. Now what am I going to do still no gown!

I searched a little more and I found myself wandering into Bunny Creek, a very cute little girls store. way in the back hanging on one of Sonnets racks was the full length ball gown. The material so soft and the coloring was like caramel corn yummmies ! but the best of all guess what it had embroider into the skirt !!! Small dark red flowers !!!!

angelica 2

The gown comes with several combinations. You can have short or long sleeve top with short glove or long gloves.There are ruffles to compliment the short gloves and short sleeves how very adorable ! Around the waist line are small golden bows with flexi ribbons ! perfect for any princess !


So here I am complete for prom!! It was a very nice prom set up by the teachers of HKE and I would like to say thank you to everyone who did all the special work and took the time for us kids to be able to dress up and dance and chat with all our friends and lovely music to listen too :)) Thank you HKE and all my friends whom made prom special ! Great big tight HUGS to my sister who had to miss this special night.

Hugs from Willow Weimes

Mask: *~*Le Fleur Mask By Siyu Suen of *~*Illusions*~*

Shoes :Luschious: Cuties July Janes By: Alice Demonia

Gown: Angelica By: sonnet Trilling of Bunny Creek

Dress also comes with head band and shoes also two options for long sleeve or long gloves I chose to were short sleeve and short gloves !

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: Joman Mai

Eyes: *YS&YS* – Sweet_Eyes Indaco NoShadow By: Monicuzza Babenco


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