First Teenage Post!

Junior Fashionista Shoot One_001

Hey everyone! My name is Lizzyox Allen and i’m a new blogger for Junior Fashionista! I am going to be posting great looks for TEENAGE avatars on the grid! I can’t wait to show all you readers the looks I prepared for future posts :D. This first look is a great casual. I wear this look a lot and thought it would be a great look to show you all. 
Junior Fashionista Shoot One_003

The bracelet in this look is acually part of a complete outfit I got at Flavor! The original outfit is acually a cute dress. I thought it looked awesome with this casual look and added it in. The hair comes from a classic… CAKE! Cake is one of my most favorite hair designers on the grid, they have so many styles and they are all so detailed… gosh I love em :P. I like this one style in particular because I am usually a blonde and this is one of the few hairs I like in a brown tone ^.^
Junior Fashionista Shoot One_002

As you can see.. the leggings have a really neat design on the bottom. I loved it, it is a little surprise if you take a close look :). The sneakers are a instant need for any casual look. They are called the Pornstar Hightops. I know the name is bad, but these shoes are really a must buy from Coke Dreadlow. It comes with a convient little hud where you can mix and match a ton of diffrent fabrics to any part of your sneakers. They are my loves :D. This is all I have for you today, Going to try for another post this weekend! Hope you all have a great wednesday! 😀

Lizzy (^.^)

Skin – !MM! Cocoa Pale

Top and Skirt – Canimal Funko Polo (Blue) w/ Black skirt choice

Eyes – (Miriel) Eyes – Pale Green (Big)

Eyelashes – Cake – Bedroom Lashes – Tintable.

Shoes – PornStar Hi-Tops Multicolor v2, Checker Fabric Choice

Bracelets – Flavor! ~Desire~ Bracelets

Hair – Cake Wish ll – Ash Brown – Flexie Hair

Leggings – BBD White Leggings 2

Pose – dz698 Pose (From Kuso)


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