Dear Diary


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May 31 2010

Dear Diary,

*giggles* today our new mommy gibbs us this party for our adoption party! OMG it was so very much fun. he first thing I did was run all over looking for this most adorable dress.

and what you know I found several dresses and a few shorts hehe that i really liked from Larnia kids ….. hold that Land Mark for me Diary cause Imma go back there for much more soon !…..

well sisser and I we gets all prettied up ! yesh, just like cute little doll babies. The dress I chose was this beautiful coral colored dress. The flowing gown fits perfectly and it floats around with lots of play. As the party started I was able to jump in the bounce house, ride the merry-go-round, and even dig up worms ! oh my that was such a blast! … Did you know that wormies goes down well with punch… hehe just ask Lynn !!! I wore this dress the hole night and Aunty Tygra she gibbed my sisser and I these cute little bracelet sets that you can change to like omg millions of different colors, and pictures. The party was a blast our friends came and it was just a wonderful night! Oks Diary I’m sweepies and needs some sleep !


June 1

Dear Diary

Yeap I love this dress so much Imma not even take it off it’s just so fun the colors so rich and warm. The fabric is light and fun ! Sisser and I went to this really great class through Fashion Palace ! the teachers there was amazing and very thoughtful ! we got to learn about making alphas with cut outs in PS. hehe *looks at my hair* I wonder if sisser think this adorable hair from = Hal*Hina = would be as hard to cut out as the model’s hair was at school 😛 ….

cooking 1_003

June 2

Dear Diary

Well we looked around but no mommy was here and we was hungries. I just absolutely love this dress and mommy not tells me I habs change yet so imma wear it again ! Thank goodness in sl we cant smell hehehe …. So Stasha, Lynn and I decide we are going to make a cake! We gets all the grediants together and sisser her puts it in the oven *shrugs* how was we suppose ta know that we couldn’t go play while it cooked. ! Sisser puts the oven on 650 and we leaves …. so ive gotten chocolate all over and the kitchen is a mess …. the items obtained for the cake cooking was gotten off of slexchange made by Faith Dancer…. she has some amazing items a must see … Oks so Imma habs to go wash this chocolate off of mes I sure hopes it not on my beautiful dress .


June 3

Dear Diary

hehe ok, so Imma not like to change to often when I ams not made to bath, and thank goodness I didn’t cause guess what I was all ready for the opening party at Larnia kids new store ! yeaps I went and sisser too we danced and danced. Surprisingly this cute amazing shoes of Larnia Kids is very comfortable and just so very adorable. We had a great time and wow am I beat. I just love this dress so much but mommy says it’s time that it see’s the wash *pouts* I guess if her washes it quickly ! Night night Diary !


Hair: = Hal*Hina = [milk white] Hair -estelle- By: Hinano Runo

Eye Lashes : :CANDY: Eyelashes “Soft” By: Loren Pfeffer

Eyes : *NT*_eyez_28 By: Magdalena Bergamasco

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: JOMAN Mai

Ears and Tail : .:Kitsie:. Silverlite By: Kittenz Fairey

Bracelet: Obsession v.1.0.3 By: Italian Charms by K2 Enterprises

Outfit Including shoes : roxy coral By: Larnia kids


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