late night !

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Hello out there, hope you guys are ready for some really cool new additions to my overly packed inventory. While I was waiting for some un-arrived package last night I decided to go out and take my mind off what was to arrive. I found this cute little store with some awesome hair styles.


This fun and cheery hair just says a lot about me. It’s soft and floats with the breeze. It talks of play and messy adventure! No brush can accomplish this DO its wash and toss around and GOOOOOOO !!! hehehe It comes with a HUD that tints the over all wig. I have ten tints of brown… WoooHooo and it sizes for a child’s head !!!

I get home and now I stand here yet again waiting … waiting … waiting … alright so lets see what I can add to this hair to make it complete. * digs in her huge closet throwing her sisters shoes to the side, continues to dig till she finds her way to the dark depths of her closet* AHHH ha ! I found this necklace several months ago and it’s just adorable.


My necklace is made of many beads. A little rose extends down laying against my heart. It might be semi-heavy but it’s just a cool addition. It has a resize script and works rather well with a little girls shape. I have added a really cute bangles in the mix ! just look at how versatile it is !


My sisser and I went to this really cool sim that has some abnormal adult clothing that fits small frame avies. Sis she is such a special treat she always comes up with some neat places ! *whispers* some day I’mma surprise her ! *giggles* I found this most adorable dress before her this time *nods proudly* Just look at the soft sheer silk dress I have found. It’s delicate silky fabric swishes and floats as you walk the spaghetti straps leaves you free and able to run and play !!!

Well, now that i have most the outfit finished back to that closet. *looks around grimacing at all the shoes she threw around the floor, she thinks about her sister.. gosh I hope she not notice i threw those out ! * OK, ok heres the cute little flats. are those heart-shaped diamonds not the most precious things you have ever seen ! the flats are adorable and they fit the feet like a glove ! OMGoodness, I forgot the tiny store next to where I got the dress. A most see you just have to go see them to believe the stockings there, they are just precious ! Any little Diva’s special addition to a perfect outfit.

Thanks to all our readers ! We do hope that you enjoy the blog and wish to give you all special and exciting new ideas ! Untill next time hugs from Willow
Hair: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: JOMAN Mai

Shoes: *BB* dress shoe By: Babydoll Stardust

Eyelashes: :CANDY: Eyelashes “Soft” By: Loren Pfeffer

Eyes: *NT*_eyez_28 By: Magdalena Bergamasco

Ears and tail : .:Kitsie:. Silverlite Ear By: Kittenz Fairey

Hair: (Dernier Cri) Ann 02 – Brown Shades By: Asuka Martin

Necklace: ::LEO-NT:: ❤ BED of ROSES By: Magdalena Bergamasco

Dress: BB**bubbly silk dress in champaign 2 By: suetabulous Yootz

Stockings: loveme.Light Purple Flower By: Callia Pearl


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