Cowgirl !


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Howdy !!!

Ok so those of you who are close to me knows I am truly a Southern Belle. Inside and out, lol so I thought since I have started this really cool Beta Testing for some really awesome people I would drag out that southern draw and the cute irresistable cowboy boots.

I needed something to go with the flow so I took a taxi down to Candii Kitten’s. She has some really adorable western clothes for kids. I just couldn’t pass up this cute skirt. The denim pleaded flexi skirt fits snuggly and has some really delicate lace around the edging. Perfect for going out dancing to the next barn party!!! it came with a different top and its a really cute piece but I decided I wanted something a little more with the outfit!

The undershirt I am wearing came from Enchanty. I do have to give my sister credit for this one. She graces me with her knowledge of so many great clothing stores !! The under shirt is white and has Tiny cute little gray and white flowers scattered all over and the neckline is trimmed with lace. the denim over shirt comes with sculpted arms and a flexi prim around the torso to make the flexi effect of the open shirt !!


*sighs* and of course yet another great find by my lovely sister G Field !!! Omg if you have never been there you must go see this store. I got the boots and hat from there. It is an adult clothing store and does require some work getting the items to fit but it is well worth the work it takes 🙂 she is a ver creative artistic designer !


Just take a close look at the detail to the beautiful dress boots she has designed. All in all I believe that the boots and hat wrap the whole thing together !!!!

So get out there get your boots on and get kicking it up !!!

hope ya’ll have fun !

Hggs Willow
*GF* Straw Ten-gallon Hat -Basic- and

Short Western Boots from *G FIeld* By: Cerberus Noel

Shirt and pull over top “[enc]chara light blue Shirt” from Enchanty By: Asahi Luminos
Skirt and bracelet “[C*K] AnaBelle” from Candii Kitten by: Candii Destiny
Hair: >TRUTH< Caroline – almond From Truth Hair By: truth Hawks
Eyelashes: :CANDY: Eyelashes “Soft” By: Loren Pfeffer
Eyes: *NT*_eyez_28 By: Magdalena Bergamasco
Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: JOMAN Mai


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