Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

I been digging and digging for just the right croco-gator hunter outfit !!

I twells mommy dere be a croco-gator in our ponds but her say “aw sweeety dere no crocogator ” so here I am’s yew see my tiny little fishies we going to go gator hunting wiffs dems. Come on come on ! *tuggs on her capris and Tank top, throwing her shoes on the bed as she dresses *


First, I must have a shirt that the gator can’t grab holds of ! This cute flexi top with all the adorable pinks and red flower prints is just absolutely perfect ! It’s short and sassy just what any croco-gator hunter would need.


My bracelets are made of shiny silver ! I bet they would really attacked a croco-gator attention ! *slips them on and watches them jingle as I shake my wrists* Yeap, these with work just fine, just shake them under the water surely hems will hear it !

I got my hair pulled up tight with a bow and my running shoes on !

I figure I mights need to have some good sturdy tennis shoes *winks* just in cases !


So I’m all ready to go find that croco-gator! I knows my mommy has seen that silly thing, but her say dere no such fing as a croco-gator *shrugs* I’mma habs to show her *looks around with a quizzical look* HMMMMMMM what am I to put this croco-gator in !

Hopes you all have a great Sunday ! come join me if yew wikes we can hunt dis croco-gator together !

Hugs Willow
The capris are tight-fitting and stretchy allowing for fast bending and scurrying away if hems comes after me !!! Oh, and take a look at these adorable prints on the hinny. Who could pass these up !

Hair: =TEKUTEKU= fran(pink) By: momo Foulon

Shoes: *Aura’s* Sporty Tennis Shoe By: Aura Milev

Nails: Maxi3_Nail_Red By: Komax jun

Outfit: Anna Babydoll By: SerenityRose Constantine From : **DeSiGneR KiDz**

Bracelets: :CANDY: Color Change Silver Bracelets By: Loren Pfeffer

Fishies: rbcg.bag ‘o’ fishies By: Kyrsten Jigsaw


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