4Th of July Party time

hearts_003 JUNEWAVE Hair

Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

HEHE well hurray for holidays right !

So here it is, it’s 4Th of July !! I love most holidays the fun and laughter and time enjoyed with our loved ones. I’m so excited to see all the cool fireworks ! I was out search the other day for a cute little outfit that can be worn to the beach or out to a park to settle down on a blanket and enjoy some great quality fun!!!

I’ve tucked my hair back braided it up and tied it down with an adorable puffy bow ! The soft strands of my hair tucked back like this keeps from finding any tragedies with the fireworks *thinks about the black cats she is going to set off under her sisters chair and giggles* By the way as of friday JUNEWAVE was still having a 50 % sale, and there are some really awesome selections of cute wigs!!!! The bow that wraps up my braids was purchased with the adorable outfit I am wearing.

hearts Outfit

The sweet baby doll outfit comes with a flexi top with soft fabrics and laces, that floats and twirls with each step. Small heart buttons run up the front to a sculpted collar, sculpted sleeves create the puffy cuteness with lace hanging freely down the edges!!

Also the most cutest little bloomers are added with lacy flexi prims or you may choose to wear the pants that also come in the outfit ! Sheer black stockings and petite little shoes with adorable little bows ! A very comfortable outfit to crawl around and sneak up on your sister in, but is also sweet, innocent, and most adorable !!!!

hearts_002 Squirmy little wormie :)

OHHH yea don’t forget the wormies !!! hehe well at least these are gummy worms this time and not the squirmy kinds ! sweet yummy treat to hide all those giggles when your trying not to get boosted from your sister :)))

WEll I do Hope you all enjoy your fourth of July and I want to say apologies for the blog being slow this week. Sister’s computer went on the blink on her and she has had some time getting going again. She is back and I’m sure she is anxious to get back to her SL!! I know I am thankful to have her back home 🙂 Huggies to all of our readers and thank you for being so special !

Willow Weimes

Eyelashes: :CANDY: Eyelashes “Soft” By: Loren Pfeffer

Eyes: *NT*_eyez_28 By: Magdalena Bergamasco

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: JOMAN Mai

Nails: Maxi3_Nail_Red_V3 By: komaxi Jun

Gummy Worm: *Sanu Gummy Worm Fruity 3 By: Sanura Sakai Owner Of Sanu

Hair: ((JUNWAVE))Melissa*BROWN*(Btype) By : LGM Jun Owner of Junewave

Outfit and Shoes: *MW* hearts By: Midnyte Childs Owner of Midnyte Whispers


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