Eleven path

gown from evies closet

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hey guys!
well it’s officially summer ! With all the hot sunny days ahead we generally look toward cute short and sassy clothes. I have had an outfit in my inventory for a few weeks now. I figured it was time to spring it out and show it off. It is a gorgeous devotion gown from Evie’s closet. Yes I know it’s not for the hot summer days but here’s my point. It’s Secondlife and we can wear what we want and when we want too, even though our Real-life day’s has taken the fun of dressing up out of our summer. I just absolutely love to see creativity in the heart of kids and adults alike. I have gathered up some items that I feel would represent the elven princess. So, let’s walk down the path of the mystical forest and seek out some new and fun idea’s!!! Who said we had to go to the beach or take a trip to the city!

I wanted to be creative and share what I have found through the streets of great old Secondlife !

I started with this soft, adorable skin from Mynerva By Rhapzody Wilde. The skin is called Aona Buttercup freckles, and you all know I just adore freckle skin. The skin ton is gentle and soft with minimal make up, I did choose to wear just a tiny bit of green shadow to give off the earthy appearance since I am an elven princess :p. Her style of make up is soft and elegant without the dramatics that you tend to see in a lot of skins. The freckles add just the absolute right touch in my opinion. I may be an elf princess but I am still a kid 🙂 !!!
I also got the ears from Mynerva as well. A tiny bit big but with the right hair they come out looking spectacular! the ears are modifiable, so that you may fit it to any skin but they do come preadjusted for the Aona skin.

evie closet gown

Now for my eyes aren’t they just perfectly colored to match the forest scenery. The green shines magnificently with the sun light ! *FTL* Cabochon Eyes – Mogei from F T L ::: skins . eyes . eyelashes :::
are designed by Framboise Werribee. Very beautiful eyes ! My lashes are also done by this same designer they are called *FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural These I do have to give credit to my sister for introducing me to these wonderful things !!! They are menu driven and come with or with mascra and have several styles to choose from and heres the real deal !!!! they are all in one ! A definite must goooo now and see thing !

OK so as I said earlier about the cute elven ears! It’s all about the right hair and I have chosen to show you one of my favorite wigs! yea I am kinda a sucker for the old fashion hunky tonk cowgirl hair! Big puffy and long ! What can I say I’m a southerner. What I have shown you is the CriCri-Bon09-D ver.2 by
Aska Watler. An extremely creative and talented hair designer ! I can not wait to see what new stuff she comes up with. This style has three different bangs and you can select to wear the cute little top or not.

Well, it’s time for me to hurry off into my secret little forest and take some time away ! I am heading off in rl for a few days and hope that my family, and all my friends and defiantly the readers have a great weekend and enjoy the post !

hugs Willow Weimes


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