circus act

circus act

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Hello fellow blog readers ! I have come to tell you a story of my adventures ! Well lets see, so I have been sorta distracted of the last few weeks! what with sister taking us on so many cool and adventurous flying trips and our new home in Pleasantville !!

Sis took me to this really cool market that was set in the circus atmosphere and I just went crazy! You all know i love the unusual and I am sorta on the fantasy side. I enjoy finding ways of making my avie look mysterious and yet playful and innocent at the same time. *ponders if she ever meets that goal then shakes her head* So, I went wandering around the circus picking up items and I have one I would love to show you all ! of course I didn’t just buy one, the others will come, the one I have chosen is called Circus act. Ya Go Figure hehe I can tend to be a bit on the side with all the clowns *smiles and does a dopey clown dance* This outfit is just absolutely fun ! It has a short crop neck with a leather like vest attached to the top, a flexi skirt attached snug to the waist with a medium-sized belt giving it attitude! It comes with a choker and two arm bands with cute little buckles ! and look it has flexi bloomers with ruffles on the thighs ! The outfit comes complete with black thigh highs and these adorable flats ! Oh my and don’t forget that amazing top hat with the flexi strands of fabric draped down the side! I already tried to stuff a bunny in there!!! Don’t try it !!! *shakes her head and lowers it* The poor bunny they not like such things *whispers* and they a little to fat to fit in there anyways ! I tugged sister along to see one of my all time favorite hair places called *X*plosion. If you are a child avie you may want to take a parent with you, but it has some really cool hair with lots of accents. Cool little diamond stars and shapes are clipped into the strands of silky hair !!

I have taken two photo shots of the outfit to show you. One of which i made an undershirt in black to give it a little of a different appearance for some of the child avies who are not allowed to wear low-cut or those who chose not to.

circus act

I would love to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our blogs and hope to met each and every one of you in world don’t hesitate to send a hello ! We enjoy bringing all you cute and adventurous ideas and creativity to your world as well as ours !
Hair : *X*plosion Hair *Joanna Diamants* (small)(blonde) By: *X*plosion

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 By: Joman Mai

Eyes: *NT*_eyez_28 By: Magdalena Bergamasco

Outfit and shoes : [C*K] Circus Act By: Candii Kitten


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