willow rawr_002

Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

*creeps through the bushes prowling peeking side to side with every intention to catch the nearby flutter or croaky sound that rushes by*

*ears perk she purrs and rolls back on her haunches* Hey out there ! I see you ! Want to take an adventure with me ? Come on, come along follow me! First though you got to get down and creep quietly through the ramble with me. We out searching for buggies ! ! !

*wiggles and smiles* okies so let’s go over my cool outfit instead. With Halloween and fall coming soo. I wanted to share some new fun ideas with the blog followers *whispers* “Be kind and share the website with friends, we always love new followers ! ” So, here is my ideas I would like to bring some fun and new ideas to the kids world ! First one I am going to share is my totally new look !

I have found some really cool clothing opportunities at coco. Coco is an adult clothing store with lots of prospects for multiple layered ideas of fun! I just absolutely adore how she has put the unusual wrist wraps of material tied neatly with the cute little string. *gets momentary lost as she purrs swatting playfully at the dangling strings then pops her head back up listening* Oh ! ya back to the top. It’s designed carefully with the detail similar to a tux top with a sculpted collar. All prims are shrinkable by the way. Off to the most amazing balloon pants I have seen in second life. the sheer panels resemble the same material as a genie costume ! The pants come complete with glitch pants leaving the avatar completely modest ! The pants give the outfit an over all wild effect, but *giggles* I am a Kitty so hey what can be better for a curious little kitty ! The tail and ears came from Kittenz Fairey. *turns a circle swishing and twitching her ears and tail * Comes complete with a color changeable hair texture menu to each attachment.

*picks her feet up one at a time and wiggles her toes causing her shoes to capture sparkles and shine in the sunlight*

willow rawr_007

Ok so here is one of my favorite parts of my new wild look !
These shoes are completely and totally the bomb! Many thanks to my sister for the advisory comity *giggles* She’s so awesome at finding the impossible !

Now for the best of the blog my skin ! I am always the one to find the usual and make it awesome ! Many thanks to the skin designer. This skin can be used for multiple things from the average everyday worn skin to a cute and unusual Halloween costume !

Well so we have trampled through the bushes together ! We have found some cool and interesting new styles !! so goo hurry find you something fun sneak off and adventure !

* Presented Items *

Modeled by Willow Her self šŸ™‚

EYES: *FTL* Cabochon Eyes – Moegi (R) Designer Framboise Werribee
HAIR: *X*plosion Hair *Joanna Diamants* (small)(blonde) Designer Kaliha Noel
TAIL and EARS: .:Kitsie:. Silverlite Tail and ears Designer Kittenz Fairey
SHAPE: created by me Willow Weimes
SHIRT: *COCO*_SleevelessBlouse(Black) Designer cocoro Lemon
PANTS: *COCO*_BalloonPants(Black) Designer cocoro Lemon
SHOE: LittleGirl Cute 003 – Ankle Boots Designer Beaumont Ryba
SKIN: AD-Jungle Cats-Cheetah-Female3 Designer Arianna Voltaire


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