severed garden2_001

severed garden2_001

Originally uploaded by WillowWeimes

*stumbles along the shore, solid foot steps sink in the wet sand, she watches the thrashing waves rolling, the darken sky deepens with each rumbling groan high above, tilting back the wind snatches her hair whipping it against her face*

There are times we still need the right outfit for the right mood. Need something to be comfortable, something versatile, yet classy as well. Come take a walk with me. Needing something warm that you can use for out-door adventures ! Lets wade through the rough turfs, stretch out far and wide in search for that perfect sturdy jacket and boots.

Severed Gardened presents a sculpted jacket with over large lapels and sculpted sleeves, Included is they extra long waist to cover the back side from the cool winds and sea sprays. leather belt ties the package up with the cutest tassels hanging from the hip. All Sculpties comes complete with a resize script to allow for shrinkage 🙂 and we all know that us small avies require extra help in shrinkage department.

severed garden2 frost_001

On those extra chilly days toss on the cute fluffy ear muffs to keep your little ears warm.Slip those boots up nice and snug to keep away the cold and wet weather.

severed garden2 boots_001

Severed Garden is very talented in the few outfits I have picked from them but do know that the sim is not a G rated sim.

The Junewave hair Melissa, ties up nicely and allows for great fitting with these adorable ear muffs. Severed Garden thought of everything and equipped the package deal with frost breathe particles!

Presented to you by Willow Weimes

*FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural and
*FTL* Cabochon Eyes – Ruri (L) by Framboise Werribee

JM:Mai skin_yu06 By JOMAN Mai

((JUNWAVE))Melissa*BROWN*(Btype) by LGM jun

Outfit by *{ SeVered GarDeN }*Kaja* Red
((Coat, Belt, Jacket, pants, and boots Included ))
Designer Berta Avro


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