Fall at Larnia Kids!

Hi!  I know it’s been awhile again but real life has had me in it’s grips again.  I figured today I could do a quick post from Larnia Kids and their amazing sim all set with fall colors and even Halloween spookiness!

First lets get the spookiness out of the way with this scary skeleton and ghost ship picture.  Let me tell you im just too afraid to get too close to the other scary stuff so you’ll have to come see for yourself 😛

Now just a few pictures with me wearing the amazing Boo-tiful outfit from Larnia Kids.  You can use this to wear to your next fall or halloween party or just to take some adorable fall pics with your friends and family!  I know i’m usually a bit more wordy but I’m squeezing this in between rl work and and a Chemistry test.  Ok well one more thing, I took this while I was suppose to be working so don’t tell Heath or Rory 😛

OK that’s all for now, come visit the sim and if you need a ride just hollar at me in world and I’ll pass you the link!

Hugggs n Kissses

Stasha Benelli


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