Ice Fishing and Birds, Oh My!!!

Miss Jane

First I’d like to start with this really fun and cheerful way of staying warm and still being able to go Ice Fishing! See my hat that is to keep the snow flurries out of my lashes while I concentrate on all those fish in that lake. *thinks to herself, and maybe keeping the fish hooks out of sisters hair *

Pretty birds

Oh, see the birds? Have you ever wonder when the adults say the birds fly south during the winter, how come there is still birds around during the winters? Maybe they just don’t want to leave all the fun around here !

*taps her toes thinking about the poor cold little birdies watching them fight on the log*

Oh! yes back to the fun, wraps. So this outfit comes with a fashionable jacket and undershirt. The small buttons works perfectly. I’m sure mom won’t care if I fish in it, besides I bet it will carry a lot of fish in its huge pockets. The coloring comes in pink and purple my favorite colors too !

Yes, I have a skirt on, and it’s snowing !! That’s me, but see here is the kicker, you put the thick leggings on and surely you wont freeze to the dock. Besides it gives more character to the skirt with all these cute stars.

keep each step warm :P

Lets look at the boots. I think these are the coolest boots I’ve seen in awhile. The texture of the leg warmers are perfect and keeps you toasty warm. It’s like a sunday with hot fudge and a cherry on top :P. The cherry Is those adorable bows placed on the back of each boot !

There are some wonderful ways to make an outfit bedazzle the world of Second Life. I hope that you enjoy and can find unique and fun ways to express yourself! Remember this is Second Life !! anything goes be creative ! As long as Mom isn’t around 😛

“Miss Jane” Complete outfit of Jacket, Skirt, Bowler Hat and Leg Warmer Boots created by AngelexaSemisar from- Dark Midday Design

Eyes: *FTL* Cabochon Eyes – Ruri created by Framboise Werribee From FTL

Hair: [ 69 ] GISUC – Light Platinum Blonde By Kumii yoshikawa From SIXTY NINE

Leggings: [ Love Soul ] Leggings*Star*Black By bluestarrui villota From *+Love Soul+*

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 created by JOMAN Mai


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