Sunday “Loafing Around” What a day


Who said you can’t be creative and loaf at the same time ! I have been running around the last few days like wild fire through a field. Here it is Sunday ! So, why not relax in a comfy outfit and take naps on the couch. Momma is gone and sis well she has disappeared. I am left to just loaf !

Now let me tell you all about the best loafing clothes!
I have absolutely loved this little dance outfit. It’s comfy and it has the most coolest long socks ! It’s all pink too ! perfect for loafing, and maybe you could even dance in it, that is if you want to do that much work ! I prefer just loafing here on my mom’s soft squishy couch. *puts her feet up on the couch and squishes the heels into the stuffing* See how comfy momma’s couch is.

Lazy days !

Oh, and look at the cute little converse shoes! They are pink of course ! They are perfect for stomping up and down the stairs to hear the hollow pounding through the house. *giggles* Kinda sounds like hand made drums! The shoes have great textures and I just love the shoe strings.

Outfit: ~* Larnia Kids*~ dance By: Heath Pevensey and Rory Larnia

Eyes: *FTL* Cabochon Eyes – Ruri created by Framboise Werribee From FTL

Skin: JM:Mai skin_yu06 created by JOMAN Mai

Hair: fri. – Lucy.2 – Jaded Blond By Parvarti Monday


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