Easter Day !

Hey guys !

This is Willow it’s been awhile so I’m sure you have forgotten me ! I’m the talented one *grins* well Ok I guess sis has a lot of talent to but, let’s not let her hear that !

Easter morning, I was minding my own business and sleeping in really late. You know us fashion girls we need all the beauty sleep we can get. I was snuggled up in these warm bunny PJ’s I found at Pietra Kids Store. They are called Pajama Rabbit created by PietraKiergarten Piers. I personally think that the crazy, fuzzy slippers is the bomb of the whole outfit ! Look at those ears too ! What a blast it was when my mom came to wake me up and I pounced out of bed looking like a bunny ! *Whispers around cupped hands* She was a little scared I think. *giggles* So, she wakes me up going on about some story containing cleaning house! *Gasps* No, way I wasn’t going to clean house on Easter ! Was she crazy or did she lose her mind !

bunny pjs_001

She says well, Lady Bug you can go visit Aunty while I am cleaning. Don’t think I didn’t willingly jump on the city bus, and in a snap. But, before I could go I had to dress up. We all know that if your looking for candy you should really be on your best behavior, and just in case, you should dress really cutely *grins and covers her mouth with small hands giggling * Just in case you need insurance against any broken items while visiting. I pulled out the perfect dress from my closet and slipped into it as fast as I could. No way was I getting caught in the dust bunny whirls as mom swept!
I found this cute little casual dress from Inner Peace titled Rosey Posey. The outfit came complete with bangles !

rosey posey blog 1_001

I also purchased the Puddle Crocs from Inner Peace. They are Mesh croc’s, they look amazing and are very comfortable, specially when you have to keep up with an aunty like mine. Shesh, her legs are so long, you nearly have to run to stay caught up to her !

clogs rosey blog 2_001

After spending several hours running after aunty and getting a lot of sweets, It was time to head back home.
Of course I had to dress nicely for Easter dinner and *Whispers* Mom wasn’t quite done cleaning, I had to have an excuse not to clean ! I hurried up stairs and got dressed. I didn’t get too close to that bath tub thing either *shakes her head and makes a funny face talking really fast and off subject* I’m still not sure why adults thinks water is clean. I mean you know it comes out of the dirty ground right into that cold tub! Would it not be safer to say, rubbing the dirt and germs off with a towel is cleaner ! *clears her throat* Sorry, so I got an adorable cute dress complete with a hat. The Hat has silk bows places evenly around the brim and fits right on your head. Plus a cute little Easter Basket to collect lots of eggs in.

Mary beth blog 8 better rezz_001

The dress is silk and has a full flowing skirt, with a big silk flower on the side with a large floppy bow tied in the back. Short ruffle socks and satin shoes complete with a tiny purple bow also comes with the package. I Obtained the outfit from *~*Little Ones Couture*~*/KIBAS. The name is LOC: MaryBeth Silk Dress.

Mary beth blog 9flower_001

I also purchased the LOJ: Beaded Jewelry Set. What an amazing set. There is a necklace and bracelet, with great textures. Perfect for child avie’s.

Mary beth blog5 necklace_001

While I was finishing dressing I heard a bunch of noise downstairs. Then heard Mom say “whats going on here! ” By the time I got down stairs she had some story about a large bunny hopping all over the yard! Come on ! There isn’t really an Easter bunny but of course I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so I just went along with it. I was thinking the whole time that maybe sis and I needed to have the “talk” with her. Then we went out in the yard. OMG! Some one had thrown eggs all over the yard! *twists her mouth up lower her brows in curiousity * Who would throw eggs in some ones yard ! As we went out to help mom clean up the eggs we found lots of cool surprises in them!

Do you think maybe there really is an Easter bunny ?

Skin: 4~Mynerva~Milena Bisque By Rhapzody Wilde

Eyes: *FTL* Cabochon Eyes – Ruri (L) By Framboise Werribee


First outfit : =TEKUTEKU= tiara(pink) By TEKUTEKU

Second outfit: [ Love Soul ] Hair*036-B*Cocoa By Love Soul

Third outfit: [RA] Khloe Hair – Brown Fawn By Rasberry Aristocrat


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