vine2_001 by WillowWeimes
vine2_001, a photo by WillowWeimes on Flickr.

Hello to all the Dreamers out there !

Let’s take a ride on the imaginary train !

I was out running through the forest, not really like little bunny foo foo of course, ok so sorta like little red riding hood.
I don’t have a basket though. I do have these really precious bows attached to my outfit. There is lots and lots of pretty bows, including the one in my hair. Oh look I found a butterfly !
*wrinkles my nose and blows upward* Pesky thing I think it likes it there. *shurgs and crosses her eyes talking to the butterfly* “Ok, you can stay just don’t get any funny ideas of sitting on my earrings !”

I was wondering around in this forest here at the Runestone Sim. There is some breath taking areas out here and amazing logs you can hide in too! The bridges are way cool and the over all feel of the sim is tranquil.


*reaches out and touches the vine with her freshly manicured nails * You think there is a big vine that stretches to the clouds? A vine so big kids can climb to the clouds ? Wouldn’t that be a grand adventure.


The outfit I am presenting you with this week comes fully complete with jewelry, shoes, stockings, skirt, top, bows; lots of bows, and that really adorable butterfly. All these items was made by Even Genesis :*BABY*: MILEY in red :*PRINCESS*: Is the name of the outfit. Do take a bit of tiem and go check the store out. There is so much inside those walls that are awesome sauce! Not even the Big Bad Wolf can resist the open doors!

Outfit: :*BABY*: MILEY in red :*PRINCESS*: By: Even Genesis

Hair: =TEKUTEKU= tiara(pink) By momo Foulon

Skin: 4~Mynerva~Milena Bisque By Rhapzody Wilde

Eyes: *FTL* Cabochon Eyes – Ruri (L) By Framboise Werribee


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