Willow is a Princess!

disneysmk_001 by WillowWeimes
disneysmk_001, a photo by WillowWeimes on Flickr.

Guess what, I am now a princess! Princess Willow !*swirls giggling as her dress fans out in a circle of fluffy silk* I am a girl of Magic and fantasy . *lifts her chin and pulls her shoulders back*. I will try for sophistication as well *shrugs* we will just have to see though. Sounds a little dull to me. *plays with the unruly curls on her head* I have received this really dazzling tiara, don’t you think that its just perfect with these curls!


My gown was special cause it even has my name on it ! *nods several times really serious like* Yes, I did say that. It has my name ! The name is Willow designed by Gabrielle Gregory from Baby Pie. She makes some really cute designs for children. Just take a look at this outfit and you will know what I mean. I love the way the top is cut away from the arms but yet it still has this cute little collar.


I also got these amazingly cute ballerina slippers with my special gown. *clicks the shoes around on the stone* They are very comfy for a Princess to walk about the world of Magic in as well.

Come see the cool museum and all the rides that was rescued from Mouse Worlds closure at Sarah’s Magic Kingdom!

Bring a little Magic into your Sl family and enjoy your visit.
Don’t forget to visit Baby Pie’s before going to get your special vacation outfit or go wild and grab a few extras!

Skin: 4~Mynerva~Milena Bisque By Rhapzody Wilde

Eyes: *FTL* Cabochon Eyes – Ruri (L) By Framboise Werribee

Hair: >TRUTH< Mena – auburn By Truth Hawks

Outfit: *Baby Pie* Willow By Gabrielle Gregory


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