Horses and Giraffes in New York!

Happy Sunday Lil Fashionistas!


Ok a streak here since I’ve done two post in one month now! For my trip to a New York park I decided to pair horses and giraffes. At first i thought it was weird but then after putting some thought to it I decided its ok because giraffes are just horses with long legs and necks 😛 Since I’m only 8 I can do that sort of rationalization lol.


In this shot I wanted to show the back because the horsey skirt has such a cute little girl shape that’s hard to find with lots of mesh stuff out there.


As you can see I’m sporting another cute D!va hair for this post. I fell in love with all the messy styles they have but this one was so perfect with the adorable texture changing bow and I had absolutely no trouble fitting it on my small avie. Points to the cutest peanut butter cup and jelly sandwich earrings ever! Does the Peanut butter jelly time dance


This *Tea Time Sac* from Le Poppycock was just perfect to add another interesting texture to this outfit without being overwhelming. I’ll be using more of their stuff in the very near future!


Another TokiD item and who doesn’t love a cute pair of ballet flats I think I’m paying TokiD’s monthly rent single-handedly the last couple months lol. There stuff is reasonably priced with great colors, styles, textures and most of their mesh stuff fits me!

Well that’s all folks, I hope you all are having another amazing and relaxing Sunday.

Model: Stasha Benelli
skin: :GP: Sundust [Light] Sprout-Peapod 2 by Gala Phoenix
Makeup: cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Dusty Soft Pink by Chelle Carousel
hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Lili” (Type B)(Citrine) by Marisa Kira
Earrings: [: KC :] Peanut Butter Cup Sandwhich Earrings by Lele (saucey.sinister)
Shirt: (TokiD) giraffe top (pink) by Maya Toki-Doki (maya.levane)
Skirt: Emery – Mesh Pleated Skirt Charlotte Salmon (Pure Horses) by Sun (sunami.beck)
Shoes: (TokiD) le ballerina shines – tan by Maya Toki-Doki (maya.levane)
Bag: Le Poppycock *Tea Time Sac* Jardin (hand hold) by Radio Signals
Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Pale Grenada (ML) by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural by Framboise Werribee

Location: The New York Sims

Photographer: Stasha Benelli

~hugs Stasha~


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