Pinkness Pearl Designs at The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure!

Happy Holidays Lil Fashionistas!

In this post we’re going to cover an outfit, in the picture above, from an exciting new kids designer. Her name is Pinkness Pearl and she has already been designing amazing adult avie fashion for years. Well a couple weeks ago she decided to make some amazing fashions for kids and am I for one am glad she did. But before we show you all the fabulous photos I want to tell you that you can find her at our North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure Sim at the small store we have in the village at the end of the sleigh ride, she has the entire upper floor. You can also find her kids fashion and adult avie fashion on her marketplace. I know you’re excited to go to the sim and take a sleigh ride to her store but first you gotta cruise through the blog post to see the amazing pictures and the links will be at the bottom with the credits.

First scroll back up to the picture at the top where you’ll see myself and the amazing Willow Weimes in the same red puffy coat and stockings outfit that’s already been sized in the box from child to teen. It also comes with all the cuteness that you see from head to toe, so if your one of those fashion addicts that likes to pull all your outfit from one box and head out the door her stuff is for you!

In the shot above you can see Willow is wearing one of the sweetest holiday headbands you’ll find in SL. No, literally it’s made of cookies so yeah it is very sweet. lol Also, if that’s not enough it comes with a little candy cane mouthy that will keep your breath fresh throughout the holiday season.

I would be totally negligent if I didn’t take a shot of the backpack with the all the great details we come to expect from Sl designers. Like Straps, shading, clasps and even a cute little Santa Logo.

In this final fashion shot I’m showing off the red and white boots taht are a perfect match for this outfit. I believe that the cute little white poms are actually marshmellows ūüėÄ Not really but if they were they’d make a perfect companion for the cookie headband. If you get stuck out somewhere in the snow, you certainly wont’ go hungry!

Now I couldn’t get through the this blog on my family sim without showing off some “MORE” pictures of our sim. If you’ve been following my Flickr you’ve already seen a few ūüėÄ I got these sleds from The Arcade Gacha Event and they are set out near our penguin display. Oh and yeah those penguins, they came from the same place. I actually didn’t even spend more than a 500L to get all the cute props in that shot! These props and link to the amazing Arcade Event will also be detailed below.

If you’ve been to our North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure then you know this shot is from the sleigh that starts you up in the mountain pass and winds its way down through the snowy woods and passes some amazing displays like the Polar Express and covered¬†bridge before dropping you off at Santa’s Workshop in the village.

This shot is in one of the back corners of the North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure, where we have a bonfire and cabin for hanging out in a quite spot. Willow and I took advantage of snuggling by the fire after working so hard on a photo shoot in the snow.  You all saw how much work it was right, the snow was like 5 feet deep!

I couldn’t resist including this one photo of my most amazing uncle Ropemaster who sat by the fire with us. You can also find¬†some very cool window displays that he designs. They are located throughout the lower level of the Village store and I’ve included his landmark below. ¬†The windows and displays can be added to your home and have animtions and sounds like storms, beaches, snow and etc.

Hey that’s all for now, so please come visit our the Northpole Sleigh Ride Adventure to say hi during the holidays and show Pinkness¬†some love for entering the kids fashion scene!

Model: Stasha Benelli (me, the 8 year old)
skin: :GP: Sundust [Light] Sprout-Peapod 2 by Gala Phoenix
Makeup: cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Dusty Soft Pink by Chelle Carousel
hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Lili” by Marisa Kira
Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Pale Grenada (ML) by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: *FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural by Framboise Werribee
Complete outfit: [PPD] Santa’s Cutie Pie Red Girls Padded Coat by Pinkness Pearl

Model: Willow Weimes (my sister, the Teen)
Skin: ~Mynerva~Milena Bisque Breast 1 Eyelash by Rhapzody Wilde
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bonnie – LightBlondes01 by Truth Hawks
Lashes: Glam Affair- REGINA – Eyelashes 09 by Spotorno Binder
Complete outfit: The same as Stash’s above

Holding Hand Pose: Magnifique – Hold On Tight (Family Pose) by Scarlet Chandrayaan
Sleds and Poses: .click. Saucer Sled! by Gracie Breuer
Bonfire log:¬†:CP: S’mores Camp Log (PG) v2 by isla gealach
Bonfire:¬†:CP: S’mores Campfire v2 by isla gealach
Penguins: *MishMish* Penguin Gacha by Aime Takaaki
Penguins Igloo: {what next} Igloo by Winter Thorn

Location: The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure

Pinkness Pearl Designs Marketplace

The Arcade Gacha Event

My Uncle Rope’s amazing designs!

Photographer: Stasha Benelli

~hugs Stasha~


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