Lambs and Golden Glitter!

Happy Saturday Fashionistas!

Lamb Outfit Full Set

Today we’re going to depart from reality a bit and travel to the land of magic sheep! Yes these magic sheep make golden glitter fall from the sky. They are so adorable and it seems the more you pet their head and belly the more glitter falls.

Lamb Outfit Headshot

Here you can see how that golden glitter collected on my face and when I pressed really hard it smears enough to make lipstick and eye shadow :D. I’m not sure how its supposed to come off though lol. But I did collect some in a jar that I usually put bugs in, but I figured I’m going to need more of this stuff to share with my friends.

Lamb Outfit Messy Lamb Socks

I hope you enjoyed our short trip from reality today! One of my favorite thing about our world is that we don’t have to stick to any boundries, we get to create a magic world all our own anytime the mood strikes.

There are a ton of amazing Kawaii-themed items at the Thimble gacha event that started on February 20th and runs through mid-March! The outfit I got from the one and only Ms Pancake from Baby Burp and you can get it too at Thimble in several other colors. It has the cutest ribbon headband that tied to look like bebe lamb ears 😀 Thimble is a Gacha Event click the link is below in the credits.

Also, I want to extend a special thanks to Stephanie for some photography reminders and Kiley for suggesting some cool windlight settings when I decided I hated my single colored dark walls LOL.

Stasha Benelli

Thimble Gacha SURL (Previously Brick Lane)
Thimble Gacha Event webpage
Thimble Flickr:

Model: Stasha Benelli
Shape: 4 year old girl by Stasha Benelli
Mesh Body: Cute Bytes Body – BABY – Girl (ToddleeDoo)by Bit McMillan
Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Skin: Izzie’s – LOGO Omega – Alex Head and Body Applier Huds (Tiggi rosy freckles) by Izzie Button
Face Makeup: Izzie’s – LOGO Omega – Applier Glitter Freckles
Lipstick: Izzie’s – LOGO Omega – Applier Glitter Lipstick by Izzie Button
Eye Makeup: Izzie’s – LOGO Omega – Applier Glitter Eye Make-Up by Izzie Button
Finger Nails: {Polished} Fall Glitter – Single Nails by ingridxrose
Hair: Doe: Cricket (No Bows) Solid – Browns by Helyanwe Vindaloo
Eyes: *TD* Eyes – Shiny Eyes (ToddleeDoo) by Bit McMillan
Lashes: *TD* Lashes – applier hud (ToddleeDoo) by Bit McMillan
Ears: Steking EARS [MANDALA] unisex – by kikunosuke.eel
Choker: Kibitz – Christy’s Ribbon choker – black by Kathya Szczepanski (N*21 Event)
Bebe Lamb Outfit: {BB} Bebe Lamb – Jacket & Romper coal by samanthafaye
Bebe Lamb Hair Bow: {BB} Bebe Lamb – Headband coal by samanthafaye
Bebe Lamb Socks: {BB} Bebe Lamb – Lamby socks coal by samanthafaye

Stage: Assembled by Stasha Benelli
Sheep: Fawny – Dolly the Sheep – Pair 2 by akirakiyoi
Sheep: Fawny – Dolly the Sheep – 5 by akirakiyoi
Golden Glitter: {anc} Confetti. animation.blowing [yellow gold] by aki69
Golden Glitter: {anc} Confetti. bent (B) [yellow gold] by aki69
Grasses: -Garden- by anc meadow {light purple} 1Li mesh by aki69
Dirt Mound: Mashed Prim and textured by Stasha Benelli lol

Pet Bebe Lamb – Stasha Benelli (made with AnyPose)

Photographer: Stasha Benelli


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