Nap First!

Happy Wednesday Fashionistas!

Ready to Roll

Ok, so tonight I’m going out! Only now I have to dig through this closet and figure out what to wear. It’s got to be something super cute and fancy. And look what I have here, this amazing new outfit from Royal Pain and I mean every thing I’m wearing came in the Royal Katie package; the shirt, shorts, necklace, bracelet, head bow and sandals! Don’t forget to check this out at her store, because it comes in 5 amazing colors and you won’t want to miss one!

But Nap First

As I run around like a mad child fixing my outfit and my hair I keep stepping over the cutest little Baby Burp sheep pillow that I’ve ever seen. Though every time I step over it, this little voice in my head says; Nap First! I swear I hear it plain as day every single time. I decide to lay down for a moment and count some sheep while I nap, but by the time I get to my 3rd sheep I had fallen asleep and when I wake up again it’s already morning! Wait no club… I guess its the strip to do some shopping then 😛

Ready to Roll Artistic

This final picture is just to show the outfit in a different light and to take a moment to focus on the pose that came from In The Moment Families now at the Thimble event. There are 3 different packages with each one containing 6 poses each! This one is from the Blogger Basics Poses pack and I’ll definitely use more of them in future posts!

Stasha Benelli

Thimble Logo

Thimble Gacha SURL
Thimble Flickr:

May 20th – June 10th Theme: Welcome Spring & Hello Woodland Friends

Thimble Event Designer Credits
In The Moment Families by oʀᴄᴀᴄıᴀ ᴄᴇʟᴇsтᴇ wɪɴᴄʜᴇsᴛᴇʀ (lilalessa)
.In The Moment.Families. ~ Blogger Basics ~ Pose Pack

Theme Designer Credits
Royal Pain by Shiny Popstar
*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Katie 2017 shorts baby
*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Katie 2017 top baby
*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Katie 2017 necklace
*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Katie 2017 headband
*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Skipper sandal
*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Katie 2017 bracelet

Sheep Pillow:
Baby Burp by Samantha Faye Pancake Curtau (samanthafaye)
{BB} My Sheep bahbah Pillow

Avie Credits
Model: Stasha Benelli
shape: 4 year old girl by Stasha Benelli
Mesh Body: Cute Bytes Body – BABY – Girl (ToddleeDoo)by Bit McMillan
Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice by Bit McMillan
Skin: Izzie’s – LOGO Omega – Alex Head and Body Applier Huds (Tiggi rosy freckles) by Izzie Button
Hair: Magika – Take Flight by Sabina Gully
Eyes: *TD* Eyes – Shiny Eyes (ToddleeDoo) by Bit McMillan
Lashes: *TD* Lashes – applier hud (ToddleeDoo) by Bit McMillan
Ears: Steking EARS [MANDALA] unisex – by kikunosuke.eel

Photographer: Stasha Benelli


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