Camping in Tents!

Happy Tuesday Fashionistas!

Camping In Tents

Okay, the title is supposed to be funny play on words LOL. Obviously it was in tents but the only thing “InTents” about it was me singing so loudly it scared away all the wildlife excepth my MishMish Comanion Fox, AKA – Bobby! He’s kind of a captive audience though.

Camping In Tents 2

First, in this closeup, I’d like to show off the cutest outfit from ShortNStuff! It comes with the inner shirt, outer shirt and shorts in 4 different amazing colors! And the textures are superb, the one I’m wearing will be a favorite goto of mine for some time to come 😀 The sandals don’t come with it, but there are so many colors in each outfit that I’m sure you’ll find it easy to match up some shoes you already have. That’s what I did, with these Kitten Kisses sandals from a really old blog post. I picked the pink outfit because it matched the tent that I was already going to blog and it matched it so perfectly! Oh and you talk about easy to put on; the outfit is all one item. You click it and add it with no worries about shorts poking through your top or visa-versa!

Camping In Tents 3

Next though, I want to talk about the tent itself, it’s really a TePee from BabyBurp! Well not only the TePee but all the things that come with it. The three types pillows, the rug and the actual TePee! In fact, the larger pouf pillow came with a guitar pose and it gave me a guitar that actually plays music! All the pillows come with multiple poses for you and all your friends and they come in several colors each. Be warned, I had the hardest time picking because they all can be used with any TePee. You might even want to use them all at the same time if you want to stuff one of your TePee’s full of pillows and rugs LOL.

Well that’s all for today, just get your butt’s on down here! As always there are a ton of incredible toys, fashion and poses a at the Thimble Free Spirits & Wild Child (Boho clothes, Bohemian furnitures, toys) themed event that started on August 20th and runs through September 10th, 2017! Go NOW!

Stasha Benelli

Thimble Logo

Thimble SLURL
Thimble Flickr:

August 20th – September 10th Theme: Free Spirits & Wild Child (Boho clothes, Bohemian furnitures, toys)


Thimble Event Designer Credit
Shorts and Tops:
by Alexis McKenzie Gilman (mckenzie.halfpint) of ShortNStuff
{SnS} Lauren Pink -Baby

Tent and supplies:
by ѕαмαηтнα pαɴcαĸe (samanthafaye) of Baby Burp


Other Credits
Companion Fox:
by Aime Takaaki of MishMish
*MishMish* Little Fox Companion – Brown

by Marie Gilman (marienne.eiren) of Kitten Kisses
{Kitten Kisses} Sandle (B)


Avie Credits
Model: Stasha Benelli
shape: 4 year old girl by Stasha Benelli
Mesh Body: Cute Bytes Body – BABY – Girl (ToddleeDoo)by Bit McMillan
Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice by Bit McMillan
Skin Head: Izzie’s – Izzie’s – TD Alice Skin ABBY Applier rosy – Applier
Skin Body: Izzie’s – Izzie’s – TD Alice Skin ABBY Applier rosy – Applier
Skin Blush: Izzie’s – TD Alice Freckles & Blush – Applier
Hair: Magika – Take Flight by Sabina Gully
Eyes: Izzie’s – TD Alice Yonder Eyes – Applier
Lashes: *TD* Lashes – applier hud (ToddleeDoo) by Bit McMillan
Ears: Steking EARS [MANDALA] unisex – by kikunosuke.eel

Built into the Baby Burp cushions

On Location:
Stasha’s Airport Studio

Photographer: Stasha Benelli


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