Peace Out Bro!

Happy Saturday Fashionistas!

Hippie Hutch

So today I have two wonderful designers to showcase! First this Hippy Hideaway Hutch from Always Far Away is just fantastic. The bright colors and rich wood tones just make this a delight for the eyes! It has lots of places to sit for you and your friends with the cutest animations as well. Some day I’ll get the video blogging thing figured out so I can include video’s of me hopping from pose to pose lol.  Anyway, this will make a great addition to the little Hippy’s bedroom or tree-house! Whatever you do don’t miss out on this item, because your inner hippy will weep and that’s not a pretty site!

Hippie Outfit

Next is this entire outfit from Connor’s Corner. When I say entire outfit, nothing was left out even two color options to choose from! I have a fascination for Boho and Hippy fashion and this outfit was completely up my ally. Once I even had a hippy bedroom with a pot plant by the window, mostly to see how long it would take my SL Mom to find it 😀 In the credits below you’ll see that the headband, glasses, necklace, top, bracelet, skirt and sandals.

This image also included a pose from .In The Moment.Families. ~ Boho Bebe ~ set! I don’t think these designers get enough credit for how easy they make our lives in Second Life; from photography poses all the way to dance animations they make our world feel so amazingly real. Flips up my two fingers into a peace sign and says, “peace out bro”!

Well that’s all for today, just get your butt’s on down here! As always there are a ton of incredible toys, fashion and poses a at the Thimble Free Spirits & Wild Child (Boho clothes, Bohemian furnitures, toys) themed event that started on August 20th and runs through September 10th, 2017! Go NOW!

Stasha Benelli


Thimble Logo

Thimble SLURL
Thimble Flickr:

August 20th – September 10th Theme: Free Spirits & Wild Child (Boho clothes, Bohemian furnitures, toys)

Thimble Event Designer Credit
by Cσηησя т. Dυ’Bσis (connor.sharpshire) of Connor’s Corner
CC Boho Garden Skirt (Baby) – Twilight Whispers
CC Boho Garden Top (Baby) – Twilight Whispers RARE
CC Boho Garden Beaded Bracelet Twilight Whispers
CC Boho Garden Beaded Headband
CC Boho Garden Beaded Necklace
CC Boho Garden Sunglasses Twilight Whispers
CC Boho Garden Sandals (Baby) – Twilight Whispers

by Izzy Jennifer Serevi (izzyie.arado) of Always Far Away
{A.F.A.} Toaster Bag – Blue – Static

Hideaway Hutch:
by Tiffy Lucille Serevi-Monday (tiffy.serevi) of Always Far Away
{A.F.A} Hippy Hideaway Hutch
{A.F.A} Tie-Dye Rug

Other Credits

Avie Credits
Model: Stasha Benelli
shape: 4 year old girl by Stasha Benelli
Mesh Body: Cute Bytes Body – BABY – Girl (ToddleeDoo)by Bit McMillan
Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice by Bit McMillan
Skin Head: Izzie’s – TD Alice Skin ABBY Applier rosy – Applier for Toddleedoo
Skin Body: Izzie’s – TD Alice Skin ABBY Applier rosy – Applier for Toddleedoo
Hair: Magika – Take Flight by Sabina Gully
Eyes: Izzie’s – TD Alice Yonder Eyes – Applier
Lashes: *TD* Lashes – applier hud (ToddleeDoo) by Bit McMillan
Ears: Steking EARS [MANDALA] unisex – by kikunosuke.eel

In The Moment Poses by (lilalessa)
.In The Moment.Families. ~ Boho Bebe ~

On Location:
Junior Fashionista Productions Studio

Photographer: Stasha Benelli


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