Comfy Cozy!

Happy Thursday Fashionistas!

Ball Toss

Tonight I’m all decked out in my Lil Scamps PJ’s! I just love getting all comfy cozy in my warmest winter PJs and you certainly can’t beat one with a cool statement like this one! Just in case you don’t have your glasses on this one says, let me read it – “But first, let me take an #Elfie”. LMBO That’s the funniest thing and there are more like 6 other ones with different things on them. I’m going to make you head on down to Thimble though to figure out which one fits your personality best though 😀 Ok hold on, I’ll tell you one more – “Go Jesus, it’s your birthday”. Falls on the floor giggling.

Tug of War

But what makes your warm winter nights by the fire even better??? Being surrounded by fun toys/decorations from So Silly and the cutest puppy/pose combo that you’ll ever see from Bellybeans! The toys in this picture credited below are at Thimble this round but if you’ve ever been to her store you’ll be like help, help I don’t have enough money for all this adorable and fun stuff! the Bellybeans pose set also credited below is at the TD Winter Fair.

Well that’s all for today, just get your butt’s on down here! As always there are a ton of incredible toys, fashion and poses at the Vintage Dreams & Fairytale themed event that started on November 20th and runs through December 10th, 2017! Go NOW!

Stasha Benelli

Thimble Logo

Thimble SLURL
Thimble Flickr:

November 20th – December 10th – Theme: Vintage Dreams & Fairytale

Thimble Event Designer Credit
by Sƈმოր Hყძɾმƈօղἶʂ – Hєιѕιивєяɢ (scampambrosine) of Lil Scamps
Lil Scamps – #Elfie PJs (baby)

by Kiki яσѕє sυℓℓιvαη (kiki.chaika) of So Silly!
*{SS}* So Silly Toy Soldier 1.0 SPECIAL for Thimble Blogger
*{SS}* So Silly Wooden Horsey “Magic” for Thimble Blogger
*{SS}* So Silly Building Blocks 1.0 RARE for Thimble Blogger

Pose Set:
by Bᴇʟʟᴀ Sᴋʏᴇ Hᴀʀᴛ-Pᴀʀᴋᴇʀ (bellamarie.braveheart) of Bellybean
{ Bellybean } Chew Toy
{ Bellybean } Bebe’s First Puppy – 5

Other Credits:

Avie Credits
Model: Stasha Benelli
shape: 4 year old girl by Stasha Benelli
Mesh Body: Cute Bytes Body – BABY – Girl (ToddleeDoo)by Bit McMillan
Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice by Bit McMillan
Skin Head: Izzie’s – TD Alice Skin ABBY Applier rosy – Applier for Toddleedoo
Skin Body: Izzie’s – TD Alice Skin ABBY Applier rosy – Applier for Toddleedoo
Eyes: Izzie’s – TD Alice Yonder Eyes – Applier
Lashes: *TD* Lashes – applier hud (ToddleeDoo) by Bit McMillan
Ears: Steking EARS [MANDALA] unisex – by kikunosuke.eel

On Location:
The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure

Photographer: Stasha Benelli


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