About The Junior Fashionista

This blog is to showcase  Second Life kids (www.secondlife.com) and teens clothing that we’ll find from kids stores and adult stores around the grid.  We like to mix fashion and you’ll rarely find us wearing a complete boxed outfit from one designer.  We’ll also be doing a few posts on interesting sims or things other than fashion on occasion; but mostly you’ll find posts about fashion and modeling as well as tips that will help you as you strive to enhance your Junior Fashionista!

A little about our history just in case you were wondering were we get our style and training.  Both Willow and I were in fashion long before we were child avatars.  We both had big avies that were involved with MODA modeling, Look Elite, Maniera and Opium Fashion Agency!  We’ve both spent countless hours styling and walking runway for weekly fashion shows going back to 2006.  We have a wide range of experiences from Runway, Blogging, print and video as well as live modeling for designers as a Mannequin.  We came to the kids community with a desire to continue to express our creativity through a combination of modeling, blogging and working for designers as a CSR.  We’re always interested in unique opportunities so if you have an idea for fashion in the child or family communities of SL just give us a hollar.  Either of us would be happy to share our big avies names so if you want to know just ask.

We now have a small studio/office in the awesome Fashion District of SOHO NY. ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/SOHO%20New%20York/37/164/22/ ).  This is were we do much of our blogging, fitting and styling.  We will be offering styling at a very low cost to the little girl avie and we’ll even have some fully modifiable shapes to help you get started.  We have over 8 years of combined modeling, styling, customer service and shopping experience in-world.    We’ll be striving to help you find your very own look by giving you tips, shape adjustment, prim fitting, guided shopping and information from .  We’ll be charging just a small fee for this but its not so much to make money but more to make sure we  get serious inquiries as you’ll find this will take some time and commitment on both our parts.  Visit the Junior Fashionista office and keep an eye out for opening information!

My Plurk Link – Please feel free to add me!

My Flickr Link – Add me here too!!

Junior Fashionista Stasha Benelli  This is me below – If you see me in-world please don’t hesitate to hollar!  I like to help and I don’t mind telling anyone what stores I’ve found my fashion wears.

Junior Fashionista Willow Weimes



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